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"Ventanas al Cielo" - Windows to Heaven

The Team Who Made it Happen

Your FrontPorch - Through their many custom homes and renovations, FrontPorch has refined their construction process to provide you with an efficiently managed project. They use highly skilled contractors that combine new construction efficiencies with a creative attention to detail. This keeps your overall project costs down and delivers the highest quality craftmanship.

Lead by Curtis Peart the team includes Klyle Sturtevant as project manager, Mike Kelly in charge of Finance and Operations, and Kelly Lee responsible for Marketing and Sales. WIthout question we are in the most capable hands that we could imagine. After interviewing numerous other builders we found that only this professional team could meet our expectations. Our process was simple; design and cost as close to 100% of the project before committing to putting a shovel in the ground. Curtis skillfully shephard us through the process pulling in Steve Kemp of Kemp Hall Studios as our architect. Kyle's onsite guidance and control continues to provide the level attention and involvement to assure a successul development.

FrontPorch as the builder, led a team of skilled trades and crafts persons in the development of the HGTV located in the 1,000 acre community of Serenbe located in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

With over 30 years experience in construction and over 10 years in sustainability, Carl is one of the leading authorities on single and multifamily green building consulting and certification. He helps homeowners, contractors, architects, manufacturers and non-profit agencies create better buildings and products.

What do you do with a 14 foot fireplace or a 14 foot wall behind an entertainment bar? Well find an artistic team that can transport us to a Tuscan Village - and that is what this team of incredibly talented artists did for us!

Megan created custom decorative finishes for Ventanas al Cielo with the help of decorative painting specialist Benae Ross of Art Matters Interiors.  Megan and Benae have often collaborated on painting projects like ours and together have created a beautiful layered luster stone finish for our contemporary fireplace wall along with a textured antique wall finish for our wine area.  They will also help us transition some of our furnishings into the new home by adding updated finishes to our existing wood and metal tables and help us coordinate various styles of lighting fixtures with decorative painting. We are planning a Ventanas al Cielo mural for the living area once we have completed our furniture selections.

Visionary Mural Co.

Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. creates fine art murals, trompe l'oeil illusions, and complete environments including custom faux finishes, decorative painting, and 3D props.  An expert in color matching, Megan has also repaired and repainted murals and faux finishes for homes and museums.

Based in Atlanta, Megan works both on location and on canvas for installation anywhere, with her work in 48 cities around the country.  Visit her website and find Visionary Mural Co. on Facebook to see what she's painting today.

Art Matters Interiors

Benae Ross of Art Matters Interiors specializes in creating interior spaces with decorative painting, custom faux finishing and textured effects, as well as refinishing furniture and cabinetry. Her artwork has been featured in numerous homes, commercial spaces, and exhibitions throughout Atlanta.  Utilizing her fine arts background, strengths in painting and interior design style, Benae has inspired homeowners all over Metro Atlanta to beautify their homes with her hand-painted and applied finishes, which include authentic plasters and textures, painted marbles, exotic wood grains, gilding, and decorative patterns.

Visit her website to see more project photos and learn more about Art Matters Interiors.

Gravelator Systems, Inc.

Harold Kilgore

PO Box 369

Talmo, Georgia 30575


"We've been installing Eljen In-Drain geotextile sand filters for four years" says Kilgore. Kilgore stated that the low-profile, narrow-trench drainfields that are part of the Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) requires minimal maintenance.

Michael C. Morris at M. Crisler Designs worked with us in incorporating our personal style and tastes in to the design of Ventanas al Cielo. Based in Atlanta, Georgia M. Crisler Designs is a full service Interior Design and Home Staging firm. Their design process started with listening to us expressing our dreams and visions fro our home, then deciding what features can best represent that image. The result, each space created by Michael reflects the unmistakable mark of us as owners. In the end Michael help create a flexible, functional environment that optimizes our use of the home.

M. Crisler Deisgns is not just a name, but a signature of excellence. M. Crisler Designs works as an integral design partner with Front Porch, our builder.  Michael can be contacted at 404-754-0399.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Radiance Solar LLC designs, develops and installs solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and utility customers throughout the US. Radiance Solar’s mission is to aggressively lower solar installed costs through value engineering and innovative construction techniques to bring reliable, affordable solar within reach of every electricity user.  Founded by James Marlow, Radiance provided the research and design for a 8.58 Kw Suniva Solar Photovoltaic System and two AET Flate Plate Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) collectors that are part of an 80-gallon storage system.

Led by Steve Kemp, Kemp Hall Studio is a team of passionate designers that have banded together under one vision – to create exceptional spaces that inspire your life. We know that they work hard and have fun doing it. according to Steve, "We create spaces that inspire your life.  You are the focus.  Our passion is the design of the home as we love talking with you about your space and how it can reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Ultimately, we are the conductors of the symphony that will become your home." Along with Front Porch, Kemp Hall Studios was an intergral member of the team that successfully built the HGTV Green Home in Serenbe.


Steve can be contacted at 404-253-1105.

The primary mission for The Citizens Bank of Forsyth County, a community owned and operated bank, is to provide superior personalized service to their customers. Citizens Bank of Forsyth's Mortgage Division is dedicated to helping you obtain the home you have been dreaming of. Our loan officer, Tony Tribble who is located in the Cumming, Georgia office made the application process and loan closing efficient and convenient. The main office is located at 651 Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Cumming, Georgia. 770-886-9500

PHOENIX ASSOCIATES was established in 1975 to provide metropolitan Atlanta and North Georgia insurance buyers with comprehensive coverage, superior service and competitive pricing. We are an agency established by and for people who appreciate quality in both their business and personal lives.  Our agent, George Miiligan provided us with the most cost effective  Builder's Risk insurance policy from Zurich Insurance that covers us not in the event of damage or destruction, but theft from the job site as well. George can be reached at 770-973-4000.

Randall Lowe Plumbing - 770-423-1660

Located in Marietta, Georgia, Randall Lowe specializes in a range of residential and commercial plumbing services including boiler and water heater installations, as well as speciality items inclduding installing our steam room in our master shower!


Since 1999, Intown Desing has been providing granite, marble, quartz and solid surface countertops to not only Georgia, but North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama developers and builders. Stone selections are nothing less than spectacular! Intown imports their stone and solid surfaces from Africa, India, Brazil, Spain, China and Italy. By importing direct, we were able to select from over 2,000 slabs in over seventy different colors and patterns of granite, marble and limestone. If you are looking to make a STATEMENT with your hard surfaces please look at the selection that Intown has to offer.

Intown is located at 447 Great Southwest Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia and can be reached at 404-812-3820.

Designing the right system and size was critical to us. Part of the process was preparing J-Book calculations to determine not only optimal SEASONAL system size but which system; split system, geothermal or heat pump. We chose the Bryant Extreme system becuase of its incredible SEER ratings but also because of its ease or operation and efficiency.

The first step in ensuring that your air conditioning system will operate both efficiently and effectively is to schedule your home cooling system installation with a qualified service provider. This is the only way to be sure that each and every part of your system will operate properly. It is also the only way to know that your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Before the installation of your air conditioner even takes place you must determine the proper size of the air conditioner for your home. Your air conditioning technician can help you get the best possible air conditioner for your home and personal cooling habits. If your air conditioner is too small you risk putting excess wear and tear on it as it struggles to reach and maintain temperatures beyond its capabilities. If it is too large it will short cycle frequently and be more susceptible to damage. Either way you will not get the efficient cooling service you need.

With our question the team at Air Conditioning Experts provides the level of service that we demanded for our EarthCraft certified home.

Air Conditioning Experts are based in Snellville, Georgia and can be reached at 404-720-8805

This is where technology is fun. Thanks to Steve Berrey at iHomesAtlanta our home, Ventanas al Cielo will have a state-of-the-art home networking system. We are using Control4 (the "brains" of the system dedicated to managing all of the technology.) Features that will control include our security features, energy management, audio and visual capabilities, and lighting. No matter where we are (literally no matter where we are) we can control all aspects of our home, as well as "see" everything that is happening around the property. Very very cool!!  Maybe next year we will add remote control window shades and curtains, and voice recognition.

More and more services and technologies are now available for the modern home, so the traditional way of wiring a home is no longer suitable to give you and your family access to these services. If you look at the photos of the great room you will see to panels flanking the fireplace. These will disappear and actually are Stealth Speakers - you hear high quality sound without ever seeing the speakers. No need for alarm clocks! Set Control4 to wake you to your favorite radio station or music while it slowly adjusts the lights.

Over the coming weeks we will add a section to that will explain the energy control features of our home technology. Briefly we are using eragy ( as the interface for energy monitoring and demand managment. In addition to eragy we have incorporated eGauge ( into our technology. eGauge is a web-based electric energy and power meter which will be used to monitor whole-house consumption, and solar (both Photovoltaic and Solar Domestic Hot Water) production.  Stay tuned - once the house is built and we move in this web site will include all of the daily data related to energy production and consumption!

i-Homes has integrated these modern technologies through a structured cabling system, which was installed as the home was being built. We are using both Cat5e and Cat6, as well as HDMI and coaxial throughout the house. You can retrofit an existing home or commercial space too.  Simple elegant fingertip control panels allow us to access Mood Lighting, Heating Integration, Movie and DVD Distribution, Security, Curtains and Blind Control, Audio and Internet Throughout the home using a remote control, an IPhone or an IPad no matter where we are.

Steve Berrey can be reached at 404-467-4468. i-Homes has two showrooms in Atlanta. One is at the ADAC Showroom in Peachtree Hills, and the other is in Marietta.

RainAway Deck Drain System was established in early 1995, by Jeff and Dave Butler. They are pioneers in a new and exciting industry.  They watched the market niche divide into two major designs.  The first was a very open design allowing for air circulation above and below the drain system- yet appearance was a major concern due to the loud, industrial -like finish.  The second system was much more attractive, yet carried its own design flaw- it restricted airflow.  After considerable research and development, the advantages of both systems were combined, resulting in the beautiful and practical RainAway Deck Drain System.  With patented ventilation ports, RainAway is not only the most attractive and durable system available:  it also offers the only true "top-to-bottom" air flow deck drain system.

Contact Jeff at 770-928-7246