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"Ventanas al Cielo" - Windows to Heaven

Your FrontPorch Builder Progress Reports

8-31-12      Recieved site disturbance permit. Finished clearing the site, and soil testing for septic system. Prepared submission for septic permit.

9-7-12        Applied for septic permit.

9-14-12      Received approval for septic permit. Purchased the water meter and applied for building permit.

9-21-12      Begin storm water sewer installation. Graded site. Located four corners of home on site. Carefully oriented rear roof to direct southern exposure.

9-28-12      Completed the installation of the storm water sewer, and started the installation of the septic system.

10-05-12    Septic installation continued.

10-12-12    Septic system installation continues and is completed.

10-19-12    Excavation of the site for the terrace level begins.

10-26-12    Terrace level excavation completed, foundation layout completed, footings dug out, and set the temporary power pole. Inspection of the footrings and "T-Pole" scheduled for Friday.

11-2-12       Poured the footings, conducted our on-site foundation review, poured the walls, and applied the waterproofing.  Also, we passed the temporary power pole inspection and have requested for the meter to be set.

11-9-12      Backfilled the foundation walls, formed up the basement slab and installed and inspected the underground plumbing.  We have also been reviewing the window package with Alside Supply and should have some pricing back on Friday.

11-29-12    Framing is well under way. The roof system is going up and progressing nicely.  We also formalized the window order with the exception of the picture window over the master tub. The exterior cedar beam and rafter material was also placed on order.

12-7-12     This week, we finished framing and had a site meeting to review the plumbing and HVAC installations.

12-13-12   This week, we began the plumbing and HVAC roughs.

12-20-12    We completed the plumbing rough, the HVAC rough and all framing punch out items and started the roof.

1-3-12        Electricity, path lights and water have been installed down to the dock.  

1-10-13      House electric and low voltage rough in  work is completed. Fireplaces are installed including propane gas lines. Roof shingles are installed as well as the majority of the windows.

1-17-13      This week wrapped up on punch list items and started the process of developing a new game plan for the low voltage and home network system

1-24-13      This week we roughed in the new low voltage and home automation system and began the siding and cornice installation

1-31-13      This week we completed the siding and cornice installation, began framing the deck, installed the low voltage wiring, completed the electrical wiring and started the inspection process.

2-14-13      This week we are in the process of installing drywall and wrapping up exterior trim and the deck. We are also beginning stone work.

2-21-13      This week we completed the drywall, continued the stone work and began the installation of the cable rail system on the deck.

2-28-13       This week we installed the hardwood floors, cabinetry, screened porch and the deck handrail and cabinetry installation will be complete by Friday. The stone work is progressing as well.

3-7-13        This week we installed cabinetry, the interior trim and we began the tile installation. We will have completed the stone work as of Friday.

3-14-13      This week wrapped up the interior tile installation, finished the exterior stone work, and started the exterior painting process.

3-21-13      This week we painted the exterior and graded the yard. We also installed the beams in the family room. We are continuing with tile installation and have begun to prep for interior painting. Substantial Completion has been mutually agreed by Front Porch Group and Leslie and Lewis to be postponed until 4-30-13.

3-28-13      This week we painted the interior, cut out for the driveway, removed the tree in the front yard, installed hardwoods in Leslie’s office, began the installation of the solar panels, began the installation of the mechanical trims and held our mechanical finish kick off meeting.

4-4-13        This week we completed the faux finish treatments and completed the plumbing trim items.

4-11-13       This week poured the driveway, installed the generator, put the power meter on the house, installed the garage doors and finished the hardwood floors. We also installed the under deck drainage system.

4-18-13      This week we started the landscaping, finished up the stone work, completed the additional tile work, installed the awning, installed the shower doors, wire shelving and interior door hardware.

4-25-13       This week, we finished landscaping, completed stone work, installed carpet, finished interior paint, inspected PV system, and had our EarthCraft inspection

4-30-13       Today we not received out Certificate of Occupancy from the County, we also completed a walk through with Kyle and prepared our punch list for items to be corrected - good to see that there few and minor!

5-2-13       This week, we have been working on the walk through list of items to be completed, installing the home automation equipment, completing final paint and installing carpet.